PRE WEDDINGMela & RanielDestination Wedding, Tagaytay

How would you have felt if you only have 2 hours to shoot and it was a heavy downpour? How can you possibly do a lot of ideas your supposed to do in 120 minutes and have it in 60? Pressure.

Pressure again was the push we needed for this set.

Tagaytay City, the nearest spot for a run away destination project. Tagaytay is the Home for beautiful flowers, the vibe of the cold air and the famous over looking of the Taal Volcano. Five years ago when I first had the chance to go in this beautiful place – I have buried in my heart I wanted to do a pre wedding project here when I become a wedding photographer. Five years ago I was sort of building the dream in my heart because I felt it was quite impossible in our season and settlement in life. Jumping to this very year, when I had the chance to have the perfect couple for the project I wanted – without hesitation and with full faith I explained to Mela and Raniel what I imagined for their shoot.

I have a thousand ideas bonded in my mind, and every time I hear the love story of a couple, the connection we build in meetings, the vibe we share in meeting in the point of sophistication – I am able to know what to do. I am able to pour out the thoughts I am keeping and make it happen.

Mela & Raniel made my different perspective for Tagaytay happened. A quick story, this spot in the location is quite challenging. I have three challenges on the very day of the shoot. First of, it was very crowded! I didn’t know how to start, how to have the kick going in because I was too excited with my ideas. Next, it was a heavy downpour! It was raining really hard that we couldn’t even try to shoot outdoor because the wind was gushing. Lastly, the staff in the location was up to until 4 p.m only.

Exactly at 3 p.m the rain stopped – I saw a miracle of the sunset showing in the shades of the clouds, this is what happened.

Mela & Raniel PW-7 Mela & Raniel PW-4 Mela & Raniel PW-3 Mela & Raniel PW-6 Mela & Raniel PW-5 Mela & Raniel PW-8 Mela & Raniel PW-9 Mela & Raniel PW-17 Mela & Raniel PW-14 Mela & Raniel PW-13 Mela & Raniel PW-11 Mela & Raniel PW-10 Mela & Raniel PW-22 Mela & Raniel PW-15 Mela & Raniel PW-16 Mela & Raniel PW-19 Mela & Raniel PW-18 Mela & Raniel PW-24 Mela & Raniel PW-23 Mela & Raniel PW-25 Mela & Raniel PW-26 Mela & Raniel PW-21 Mela & Raniel PW-38 Mela & Raniel PW-28 Mela & Raniel PW-31 Mela & Raniel PW-32 Mela & Raniel PW-33 Mela & Raniel PW-30 Mela & Raniel PW-27 Mela & Raniel PW-34 Mela & Raniel PW-37 Mela & Raniel PW-51 Mela & Raniel PW-50 Mela & Raniel PW-47 Mela & Raniel PW-39 Mela & Raniel PW-48 Mela & Raniel PW-40 Mela & Raniel PW-41 Mela & Raniel PW-49 Mela & Raniel PW-46 Mela & Raniel PW-43 Mela & Raniel PW-45