Considering a pre wedding shoot as part of the wedding tradition in today’s contemporary setting takes a lot of effort. Taking into account all the elements to showcase a sophisticated shoot, of course love and fun is part of the game. Yet sometimes it’s would be a little extra effort to express sophistication.

      Being sophisticated can be natural for some, but for most especially couples having a pre wedding photo session for the first time – it’s a total workout. Every body can be the model we want to be; in this pre wedding I really applaud Lei and Ben for granting all of my hopes and encouragements in having the shoot.

      Meteora in Tagaytay has always been one of the top locations in my bucket list. It is what our country, the Philippines is known for – having a mini scape of heaven of other countries’ unique sceneries.

      During my college days were the perfect timing that Lei have believed in what I wanted Project JDG to be, in a small bubble tea house – I presented what I would have wanted to do for the next nth years – I am thankful that it is exactly what’s happening in my life right now. The totality of the brand I am trying to push forward is more than the sophisticated photos to be showcased during the wedding; it’s more of the fulfillment I get to keep in my heart in doing the thing I love most.

      My greatest encouragement for every couple in considering a pre wedding session is to take in consideration that it happens once in a lifetime – yes we consider the simplicity of smiles and hugs in the photos, but I firmly believe that adding a variety of elements in the shoot brings up more style and class that’s worth remembering.

      I remember the thought being simple is sophisticated, but it doesn’t mean it’s not well prepared for or even thought of. It has to take a certain level of effort that comes from love and a taste for class. We consider the location, the cloths, and the make up, the level of energy of everyone to create a breath taking set.

      I would define breath taking in the following photographs ahead.

      Lei & Ben PW-701 Lei & Ben PW-884 Lei & Ben PW-839 Lei & Ben PW-819 Lei & Ben PW-775 Lei & Ben PW-784 Lei & Ben PW-792 Lei & Ben PW-799 Lei & Ben PW-804 Lei & Ben PW-807 Lei & Ben PW-663 Lei & Ben PW-670 Lei & Ben PW-605 Lei & Ben PW-625 Lei & Ben PW-634 Lei & Ben PW-676 Lei & Ben PW-683 Lei & Ben PW-644 Lei & Ben PW-654 Lei & Ben PW-707 Lei & Ben PW-719 Lei & Ben PW-732 Lei & Ben PW-750 Lei & Ben PW-761 Lei & Ben PW-763

      Lei & Ben PW-899
      Lei & Ben PW-452 Lei & Ben PW-2 Lei & Ben PW-4 Lei & Ben PW-7 Lei & Ben PW-8 Lei & Ben PW-38 Lei & Ben PW-47 Lei & Ben PW-50 Lei & Ben PW-13 Lei & Ben PW-64 Lei & Ben PW-15 Lei & Ben PW-82 Lei & Ben PW-16 Lei & Ben PW-29 Lei & Ben PW-107 Lei & Ben PW-110 Lei & Ben PW-121 Lei & Ben PW-173 Lei & Ben PW-132 Lei & Ben PW-148 Lei & Ben PW-157 Lei & Ben PW-167 Lei & Ben PW-170 Lei & Ben PW-180 Lei & Ben PW-363 Lei & Ben PW-327 Lei & Ben PW-187 Lei & Ben PW-190 Lei & Ben PW-198 Lei & Ben PW-207 Lei & Ben PW-279 Lei & Ben PW-309 Lei & Ben PW-305 Lei & Ben PW-315 Lei & Ben PW-291 Lei & Ben PW-243 Lei & Ben PW-254 Lei & Ben PW-295 Lei & Ben PW-301 Lei & Ben PW-265 Lei & Ben PW-274 Lei & Ben PW-276 Lei & Ben PW-334 Lei & Ben PW-338 Lei & Ben PW-344 Lei & Ben PW-350 Lei & Ben PW-355 Lei & Ben PW-496 Lei & Ben PW-425 Lei & Ben PW-478 Lei & Ben PW-454 Lei & Ben PW-405 Lei & Ben PW-376 Lei & Ben PW-381 Lei & Ben PW-550 Lei & Ben PW-389 Lei & Ben PW-387 Lei & Ben PW-544 Lei & Ben PW-501 Lei & Ben PW-421 Lei & Ben PW-462 Lei & Ben PW-564 Lei & Ben PW-566