Often time people say you’ve got to hold on to something. Something you can grow overtime. Something you can fight for and spend sleepless nights thinking about what not and what should be.

      I have embraced the truth that the moment you’re about to give up, it’s the very same timing that there’s a miracle about to happen.

      For the past two years I’ve been lurked in finding myself in different branches of photography. My first years in soul searching in Manila City way back 2012 was purely on freelance work, doing street photography, landscapes, photowalks, countless open shoots and all the tidbits in following the path in being a professional photographer. It was during those two years that I have finally glued to my mind that weddings and portraits is my niche, plus my whole heart in loving kids photography!

      I shared with you a little bit of background because this blog’s feature is one of my bucket lists turning out to be my reality. Our celebrant’s mom is Ms. Phoemela Baranda who happens to be a Filipina model, actress and was the entertainment anchor of ABS-CBN’s weekday flagship news broadcast of TV Patrol. I’ve known Phem for quite sometime since I’ve photographed her birthday earlier this year and everything since then is history. Kim Nichole is someone I know full of talent and I believe who has a very great future in show business. I am more than grateful to have Phem & Kim to be in my sophisticated photographs because of their faith in me even if I am just starting out in the industry.

      Being surrounded with great people full of inspiration, the drive to work, the eagerness to live out a passionate life is one of the best things I savor in being a people-photographer. It’s not solely about the endorsements, the pop life, and the beautiful faces – it’s mainly on knowing and hunting for a greater level of inspiration and motivation to produce more sophisticated photographs.

      It may be exactly the last day of 2014 today but I wanted to share with you this blog as to showcase that even december is the busiest season of the year for photographers, my team and I are committed in updating you in our current sophisticated sessions and we will showcase more.

      We’re 9 months old since the inception of our brand and I am more than thankful for the support and the confidence you filled our team because it’s one of the factors that keeps us going. Cheers for more sophisticated years to come!


























      Supplier Line Up:

      Hair and Make Up Artist: Make by Mavo

      Coordination & Styling: Creative Styling by JBL

      Videography: Phoeben Teocson Videography