Fun is the main word I got from Ghia & Jayson when we first met for their wedding production. As you know, lately I’ve blogged about a new product line we developed for our wedding packages, the LA MÉMOIRE. Such a fancy name right? I even had difficulties in pronouncing it, makes me more of a man than a boy now. Ha ha ha.

      I want to share more about our experiences since we’ve been catching up on blogging after a season of weddings and sort of personal-challenges-life-throws-to-you kind of thing. Tough as it is, but it was a boost in my heart to blog more about what we do weekend to weekend.

      Let me go back to how I met Ghia & Jayson, my experience, as a photographer is more personal than you know it. The first batch of weddings we’ve covered from our first year 2014 was purely from my local congregation, Victory Christian Fellowship.The personal commitment in keeping this journal of stories is to keep my old portfolio as much as I can – so that in our journey to sophistication in weddings – we can reflect how we started and how we get bigger. One of my first weddings was Charlton & Vanne’s, Teresa & Russel’s, the provincial wedding of Iyel & Sean – for this feature, Ghia & Jayson’s.

      Remember how much excitement you have when you think about spending your breakfast with the person you want to be with every single day? Remember how you would think, how you wish that there is no such thing as money that revolves around the world and just be with your honey, mahmah, loves, cupcake, banana, apple – or however your pet name to each other is? That was the excitement I felt with these lovebirds.

      I remember those days, way back in college – my fuel tank was full of anticipation because they were both asking me, “sa wedding ko ha” (in my wedding okay?). From my single days before, I saw how their friendship blossomed into something electric. Ghia with the longest patience, I’ve ever seen, and Jayson with the happiest aura I’ve felt when bumping to each other in church; this is how I shared my gift to their life. I am more than grateful, not mainly because they chose me from the rest – I am more than grateful because of the friendship, the happy tummy my team had throughout the project, and of course I wouldn’t forget; their photos is a big part of my portfolio.

      Let me take you back for a short run away in Tagaytay City.

      Hair and Make Up: MAJICA Make Over