It has been quite some time since I have published a personal blog here at Project JDG Weddings. For the past few months I’ve been so skeptical on my journey as a professional wedding photographer – with the wide variety of gears, lenses and color tones that we have in common in the industry. I’ve always asked myself how can I set Project JDG Weddings apart?

      I’ve come to a conclusion to finally quit my self-made presets for the brand. With one of my bucket list on converting this page to a bigger company through being an international photographer – I want to start embracing film and start my openness with my thoughts in my journey.

      Film is a fresh start.


      For the moment I am currently shooting full digital. Yet I started to fall in love with the concept of film and how the colors captivate my taste. One of my biggest regrets in starting out wedding photography was shooting JPEG. The format JPEG sort of binds me to the fact that the camera already processed everything in the photo – until we’ve shifted to RAW. The format may be heavy – but thank God we have enough resources to keep on shooting this format! This leads us to Mastin Labs.

      May be one day, I’ll get a pentax, or a contax may be.
      May be I’ll start a new life being a hybrid photographer.

      May be I’ll move to another country with my family and start conquering worldwide weddings through film.



      I started to love the colors of film – it takes my back to the core of photography.

      I started to love the concept of film – it is limited. Even if I shoot digital, film reminds me to get it right on the camera and take a moment to pause; study more the environment than clicking to shoot.

      Let me share my compiled works the past few years processed with Mastin Labs Fuji Pro Pack. The preset is very helpful in our portfolio – Mastin Labs gave me the heart in wanting to shoot film. The craziest thing is it’s so accurate I thought we’ve shot everything on film.


      The set is more of a click and go editing – I can’t wait to have more weddings with this!

      – Joshua De Guzman

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