Frequently Asked Questions
      We got you covered.

      In our years of experience in doing weddings, we have gathered the usual questions our couples frequently asks in getting our services. Let this guide help you in getting to know us more.

      What is your style?

      Weddings are naturally a vibrant and exciting festivity.
      We want to capture that. Your dream come true wedding is our dream come true, too. It is the day for us to burst our desire in capturing memories and turning it into a piece of art. Light and mood – we balance every thing. We believe that wedding photography is the photography of everything.

      What makes your group different from other photographers?

      The big question we always have. It’s like always on the hot seat! Photography is relatively a small space. Where everyone uses the same camera, the same technique, the same colors, the same editing and same. Same. Same! We value your wedding as much as you do. We take our work very seriously, being equipped with the right amount of energy and passion to turn the priceless moments into a photograph – we pride ourselves that we can do the work more than what we’re obliged to do.

      Does your team agree to shoot together with other photographers on the day?

      We are sorry, no. The wedding day is a very fast paced celebration. You’ll never know, the moment you put your wedding attire on, the next blink is the reception. Yes, it’s that fast. With the limited shooting time, we have a long list of shoot assignments that is part of our standards that we aim to have on the day.

      How many weddings can you handle in a day?

      3 (three). One wedding per director of photography. Josh, Cj and Robin have their respective seniors on their board. Lucky you if you have them three.

      Do you pencil book?


      Terms of payment?

      We require having PHP 15,000 security deposit to book your wedding day. This distributes to a lot of factors like pre ordering our products. Every thing is hand made.

      How do we pay?

      You may pay via wire transfer or by visiting our office.

      What if we moved our wedding date?

      No worries, we are not that strict! You can still have us rebooked as long as the date is available.

      We want to move our wedding the next year, how does this work?

      Your booking us valid up to one year with an additional of 10 (ten) percent increase as we take part of inflation.

      I heard you deliver photos on the day?

      Yes! As we said, we value your wedding as much as you do. Every thing is handed over to you on the day. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

      How is this possible?

      We’ve been in the industry for four years. We are able to make an effective system of organizing and editing your wedding photos. Magic isn’t it? Part of that is our generation’s gift of fast computer processors.

      La Memoire?

      We’re a huge fan of the French language. The treasure box! We don’t want to put your photos in a random place – this is your pandora’s box.

      When is this box delivered?

      It can be delivered on the same day by adding PHP 7,500. If not, it shall be delivered door to door manila address only 3 (three) weeks after the wedding.

      Same day edits! Do you provide projectors?


      Do we have to feed you?

      It would be a gift for a lifetime! It’s great to take photos with a happy tummy.

      Will we get the same colors in your website with our photos?

      Yes. Of course, edited with TLC.

      How about albums?

      There are two sides of the coin. OPTION ONE, you choose the photos then we layout it. Approve it, print and bind. Normally this takes 6-8 months because sometimes couples are overwhelmed with over 2,000 to 4,000 images we take on the day. This takes us to OPTION TWO, you allow us to have our layout and you’ll have it in 2-3 months depending on the season of the year.

      Why does it take so long?

      As much as we want to finish it faster, we are not a factory – YET. We desire to create every album unique as possible. Each layout is something you can call your own. This includes long hours of finalizing your photos, days of retouching and to mention the hand crafted albums. The quick and easy turnover of a beautiful album takes time.

      What it is made of?

      The albums are made in canvass pages. Water spill proof – just don’t dip it! The coat of the pages is also matte protected for accidental scratches. Leather differs from time to time depending on market availability.

      What time do you arrive in our wedding?

      In the Philippine wedding tradition, we arrive 5 hours before the ceremony time.

      How long does your group shoot?

      Anything that exceeds 10 hours gets blurry.

      What time do you end the service?

      Normally wedding day work is 10 hours. We end the professional shooting time 30 minutes after the emcee says end of program. We want to capture those after party photos; we know this is where the crazy part begins!

      How many photos do we receive?

      Generally, we take 2,000 to 3,000 photos.
      500 of that is the artist’s choice photos.

      Artist’s Choice Photos?

      Yes, like Picasso, The Vinci – those are the images that we feel that are powerful and compelling. It doesn’t mean that the rest is nothing – but these photos are normally the details, family portraits, your parents crying, your toddler guest’s wrecking the flowers and the important group shots.

      Do you have supplier preferences on whom to work with?

      If you believe that they are friendly and can share food – yes. But here’s a couple of industry partners we have – Marvin Barbarona, Phoeben Teocson Films, La Tercera, Bespoke by Raya, Whitekraft Events, JNL Events, Randy Lazaro Styling, Terence Bueneventura, Katch Mejias, Ocampo’s Jewerly. The long list goes on, if we missed someone – don’t hesitate to ask recommendations from us.

      How many are you in a team?

      It depends on the count of your wedding guests. Regularly we are 7 (event) in the team.
      Composed of 3 (three) photographers, 2 (two) assistants, 1 (one) editor, and our mighty driver.

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