If you follow our blog, you will see how we manage to take care of the style that we want to showcase – sophisticated wedding stories. One thing we know from Abbie & Lester was the perfect timing how they met – again. They were friends for the longest time, because of work and career goals – they spent their life on both ends of the world. Lester is a successful entrepreneur in PH and Abbie was a flight attendant. Through their relationship, we have proven again and again that if it’s meant to be, the universe will make it happen. You should check out their lovely engagement shoot here on this link.

      One of the most challenging parts of the wedding was the travel time for the reception venue. The pressure was heavy considering the amount of traffic and the load of shot assignment, we have in our list to perfect the wedding story. Our lead photographer Joshua de Guzman took the advantage of the travel time and made a stop over along the Tagaytay road to capture an impeccable sunset together with our couple.

      The ingredients for a seamless wedding photography experience will never be achieved without the hard work and the couple’s eagerness to trust in what we love doing most. We give so much love to Abbie & Lester in letting our team in their life through this gorgeous and lovely wedding.

      Supplier Line Up:

      Hotel Preps: Bellevue Alabang

      Church: Chapel of the Forgiving Lord

      Ceremony Music: Don Bosco Choir

      Reception: Ponderosa, Tagaytay

      Reception Music Band: Serene8

      Make Up: Pamm Merrera

      Bride’s Gown: Boom Sason

      Mother’s Gown: Mel Orlina

      Entourage Gown: Joel Pagsisihan

      Invites: JCK Stationers & Primsonia

      Reception Tent: Tent World

      Church Flowers: Rossa Bella

      Sounds & Light Set Up: Audio Dream

      Bridal Car: Montecarlo Bridal Car

      Catering & Styling: Passion Cooks Catering

      Event Planning: Eleventh Management

      Videographer: IGS Cinema